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Movie Script Writing - Steps to Writing a Good Movie Script

Steps to Writing a Good Movie Script


Before you should think about ever becoming a good scriptwriter, there is one basic requirement that you should develop early on; that is to practice writing about whatever it is that you have in mind.  It is true that scriptwriting is one of the most fundamental tasks in making movies.  In fact, before a director could come to work or even before the cast is assembled, as story and a script should first be created and prepared respectively.  Apparently, the jobs of the director and the actors rely much on what is written in the script.  However, nobody is born a scriptwriter.  Therefore, you should not expect to be an award-winning one with your very first project.

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The key to becoming a talented writer is practicing on a regular basis.  You may wonder how you would be able to write very often without any particular topic in mind.  That is actually the challenge.  A prolific writer does not wait for inspiration; he looks for it.  For as long as he has senses and, of course, the brain to process everything that he sees, hears, tastes, touches, and smells, he would always have something to write.  Once you feel that you can already begin trying your hand at scripts, watch plenty of movies, especially those known for good screenplay. Observe how the dialogues are made. Put your focus on the lines of the actors.

Since it is the skill in scriptwriting that you want to develop, seek inspiration as to what story you should have in mind from others.  You may even a movie already as an inspiration.  Afterwards, try to develop your own script on a scene-by-scene basis.  You may try to refer to a scene to an old movie and make your own screenplay for it.  Just like other forms of writing, a script is communication that is best appreciated by other people and not the scriptwriter himself.  Therefore, let someone read it and be open to criticisms.  Better still; ask a few friends to actually deliver the lines and find out if what you have written is not awkward when actually spoken.

Even during the reading of the script, be ready to introduce changes if these mean making the screenplay more effective and realistic.  It is actually when the script is read or delivered that you would find out if these are natural and not too formal.  Remember that main difference between writing a short story or a novel to movie script is that that latter is more conversational and natural.  Unless you are trying to make a Shakespearean film adaptation, avoid being too formal in the dialogues.

As mentioned earlier, writing a script may take years to perfect.  These are years where you actually practice a lot by writing short dialogues to scene scripts and, later, to full feature screenplays.  You can always strive to win an award for your screenplay.  However, be realistic by taking small steps towards your goal through constant practice.  Always be open to suggestions, especially if these come from those who have been in the business long enough.

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