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Movie Script Writing : Screenwriting Myths

Screenwriting Myths -- Don't Believe Them

Author:Danek S. Kaus

There are a lot of myths about the nature of screenwriting, most of them perpetuated by people with no experience with the processes of the movie-making industry. Here are a few that you can toss away.

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ANYBODY CAN WRITE A SCREENPLAY. Actually, screenwriting is extremely difficult. It is a form of writing that very few people who attempt it can master, even many successful novelists.

Corollary to this myth is the idea that because there are so many bad movies out there, you can write a bad screenplay and sell it.

Bad movies can be the result of several factors, not the least of which is the fact that often different writers are brought in at various stages and the fact that directors, producers and big-time actors often have a different vision for the finished film. At other times the investors, who often have no creative sensibilities, also chip in their two cents in addition to their investment.

YOU HAVE TO KNOW SOMEONE TO BREAK IN. Like any other industry, it helps if you have insider contacts. But newcomers break into screenwriting every year. Granted, it may have taken them years to develop their craft and make connections, but it can be done.

MY SCREENPLAY WILL ROCK HOLLYWOOD. Everyone in Hollywood has read a lot of screenplays. Your screenplay would have to be beyond Oscar quality to even cause a slight ripple, let alone create excitement.

FORMAT IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The first thing someone in Hollywood does when they pick up a script is look at the formatting. If it's not correct, they will immediately throw it away.

YOU SHOULD GO STRAIGHT TO THE TOP TO SELL YOUR SCRIPT. That almost never happens. Producers, directors and other players will not talk to you unless you have representation by an agent or manager.

IT'S MY SCRIPT, I SHOULD DIRECT IT. Dream on. Unless you've established yourself as a director or a producer, or as an expert in some specific aspect of film making, nobody is going to trust you to be at the helm of a multi-million dollar undertaking.

WRITERS SHOULD WRITE AND NOT BE INVOLVED IN SELLING THEIR SCRIPTS. Writers should take an active part in selling their screenplays. Screenwriting is only one part of a writer's job. It's called 'Show Business' for a reason. Writers should treat it as such.

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Danek S. Kaus is a produced screenwriter with another film in development. Several of his screenplays have been optioned by movie production companies. He can help with your screenplay or adapt your book into a movie. He also offers professional script analysis and coaching

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